Project Program Specialist - Residence Life Coordinator - A00500

Duties & Responsibilities:

Student Development, Student Conduct and Emergency Response

  •     Promote, supervise, and advise on student development themed programming, community building, hall council and leadership development.
  •     Focus on relationship building and student interaction on a daily basis with hall residents.
  •     Serve as a visible and accessible resource in the residence hall community for student interaction.
  •     Assist hall staff in promoting an environment that is safe, conducive to studying and well-maintained.
  •     Provide support and resources for students living on campus, and referrals when appropriate.
  •     Serve in a designated on-call rotation. Residence Life Coordinators are on-call approximately 2-5 weeks throughout each semester, including summer and break periods.
  •     Respond to and follow-up on emergency and management situations as needed.
  •     Communicate through duty reports, incident reports and email notifications as needed.
  •     Maintain Maxient database for student conduct, crisis and students of concern.
  •     Create an inclusive community in the residence hall through educating and challenging RA staff, individual conversations with staff/students and personal development in these core areas.
  •     Under the Clery Act, Residence Life staff are considered Campus Security Authorities and as such are required by law to report the following crimes to the on-call system and to UPD immediately upon learning of them: criminal homicide, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, liquor law violations, drug violations, weapons violations, stalking, domestic violence and dating violence. This position is also required to report bias-related (hate) crimes for the following offenses: criminal homicide, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny-theft, intimidation, simple assault and damage/destruction/vandalism of property.

Operations & Administration

  •     Manage and mediate roommate conflicts and collaborate with room assignments staff on the room move process.
  •     Coordinate the day-to-day operations and the opening/closing of a residence hall.
  •     Effectively utilize the Star Rez operational systems to perform administrative functions of the position.
  •     Perform other functions and assume responsibilities related to hall management as assigned.



Knowledge of university housing practices and procedures, housing record keeping procedures, and university purchasing practices and procedures related to housing operations.

Ability to maintain records and prepare reports related to housing operations and interpret housing rules and regulations.



Resident Advisor and Student Management

  • Supervise, train and mentor resident assistant (RA) and desk assistant staff.
  • Communicate and hold student staff accountable for job expectations as outlined by Residence Life, and any additional expectations established within the community.
  • Develop student staff to become effective student leaders.
  • Facilitate ongoing communication with student and professional Residence Life staff.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree required.

Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, ability to effectively work and interact respectfully within a diverse and inclusive environment, demonstrated leadership and supervisory abilities are required.

Candidates will also be required to live in the residence hall twelve months per year.


Commensurate with Experience

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