Latest Job Postings

ACS Implementor - Jonesboro POS# 178 BA

Abilities Unlimited

Thursday 11pm - 8am Friday

Saturday - 10 pm - 8am Sunday

ACS Implementer - Jonesboro POS # 427 CD

Abilities Unlimited

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10am - 2pm

Maintain required reporting procedures, records and data according to the Individual Habilitation Plan and request of the ACS Coordinator.

ACS Implementor - Jonesboro POS# 428 JB

Abilities Unlimited

Saturday and Sunday- 8am - 8pm

ACS Implementor - Jonesboro POS# 437 JB

Abilities Unlimited

Monday through Friday - 8am - 4pm

Saturday - alternate once a month

Work Activity/Adult Development Aide - Jonesboro POS# 21 CP

Abilities Unlimited

Transportation Requied.  Must be able to work additional hours as bus driver as needed (backup.) High School diploma or GED perferred.  Transportation required.  Ability to be a back up van driver

ACS Implementor - Jonesboro POS# 478 JA

Abilities Unlimited

Monday through Wednesday - 2pm - 9:30pm

Saturday and Sunday - 8:30am - 1:30 pm

ACS Implementor - Jonesboro POS# 486 BA

Abilities Unlimited

Monday through Thursday 8am  - 5pm 

Friday - 8am - 12pm